Rest in Power: Box Score

RIP El Box Score 

 Dissecting Puerto Rico's young art scene.

El Box Score was a platform dedicated to art reviews and hardcore art commentary.

El Box Score was the son of legendary publication and curatorial endeavor FGA: Fucking Good Art Chicago (*founded in 1999). FGA has a clone in "Fucking Good Art Rotterdam."

El Box Score was put together by Pedro Vélez with the collaboration of W&N, Sonia Carmona, Carlos Rubén Rivera, WJ, Mikaela Miner, Dr.Pitt Von Pigg, Rafael Franco Steeves, Javier Román, and a lawyer who oversaw every single article just to make sure we never got sued.

El Box Score belonged to a network of groundbreaking online publications from Puerto Rico.

Donde Veo Arte;  Rotund World; Autogiro;
The Fractal; MSA-X;
El Naufragio de las Palabras; El Quantum de la Cuneta; Repuesto;