LOT-EK in Shambles

LOT-EK Container Strip in Shambles
(Where did the tax-payer's money go?)

Here are a few photographs of LOT -EK's Container Strip in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The piece was originally intended to be a mile's worth of containers; green propaganda and signage for a highway. Today the containers are abandoned in an empty lot, covered in graffiti and surrounded by syringes. LOT -EK was only one in dozens of large scale projects in a Government funded initiative to provide the island with cutting edge contemporary public art-- back in 2003. Although many good ones saw the light of day, others (including a scenic station overlooking the sea by Jorge Pardo and a state of the art skate park by Vito Acconci) were left in ruins, unfinished, and in other instances, never even built. 

The question that stands today is:  Where did the tax payer's money go?