MAC en Rotund



"The particulars of this queasy moment are a bit hazy since we’ve witnessed almost none of it firsthand, but the newspapers and various blogs-in-the-know are all arant about San Juan’s Museo de Arte Contemporáneo, which is either a) in a world of hurt, about to close its doors if all and sundry don’t rally to its cause and march upon el capitolio, beseeching the government for a hefty increase in the institution’s annual $500,000 operating budget, or b) in deep shit, having come a cropper through cronyism, myopia, decades of do-nothing ass-tending, and—says the whispered subtext—outright corruption."

"The parties to these wildly diverging but equally wrought-up points-of-view are, on one hand, the museum’s directorate—long-time director Dra. María Emilia Somoza and, one supposes, the board of directors—or so it seems. That is, someone issued a call, via a bland, email-distributed .pdf, to “artists, gallery owners, professors, students, and other friends of the Museum of Contemporary Art of Puerto Rico” to descend upon the legislature. It’s a bit odd that no official connection to the museum appears—no logo, no museum-associated signatories, no endorsement by any named official—but the announcement’s rhetoric—“The museum has had a brilliant institutional trajectory in P.R. for twenty-four years”—makes it pretty clear it’s an inside job."