Premios AICAKK 2008

Entrega de Premios a la AICA-PR

(si no votan o asisten después no se quejen tras bastidores!!!!!)

“fiesta – performance – happening”"
como parte de los eventos de clausura de Publica 2 en Area

sábado 7 de junio de 2008 a las 7pm / cerveza para los asistentes

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Macondo Awards

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No se preocupen los profesores y facultad, no los van a botar de sus trabajos...y no se dejen intimidar...y si los intimidan vamos en grupo a la prensa internacional....

The Event:

"As far as anyone knows, none of the members of the Puerto Rico chapter of AICA writes art criticism on a regular basis. Few if any of them are known to attend gallery or museum openings or have the least idea of what's been happening on the contemporary art scene for the last ten years. Judging by the recent AICA "awards" ceremony, the organization has no idea that an entire body of locally-produced art criticism has sprung up on the internet over the last two years in response to the complete void of such criticism in the conventional press. In fact, not a single award went to writing of any kind.

The organization's only "profession" -- its only activity, for that matter -- seems to be presenting these awards once a year to artworld figures it deems "outstanding," which usually means that that person has uttered the phrase "I'm an artist" when asked what he or she does...not to mention how they award family members and each other."