Miyuca vs Montebello en el Met ( 30 años como director)

Miyuca no se quiere ir: Motebello ya se retiró

Con una historia de 138 años...digo, es el MET, su director más longevo se retiró después de 30 años...el mismo admitió que ya era casi indecente estar tanto tiempo...y digo, con lo que el tipo tuvo que bregar y los millones, etc, etc, etc...

Miyuca lleva 23 en un corral donde entran 8 gatos en una semana y donde no se hace una retrospectiva decente hace 6 años...en un "museo" donde no tienen ni un print de Warhol.

Risible, ridículo, trágico y triste.

January 09, 2008
Museum Director Resigns After 30-Year Tenure

Philippe de Montebello, the eighth and longest-serving director in the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s 138-year history, announced Tuesday that he planned to retire by the end of the year, after 30 years of leading the institution, The New York Times reports.

During his tenure, Mr. de Montebello, 71, more than doubled the museum’s physical size and helped make it New York City’s biggest tourist attraction.

Mr. de Montebello informed the Met’s board of trustees that he intended to leave the museum at the end of 2008 or as soon as a successor has been found. “After three decades, to stay much further would be to skirt decency,” he said. “This has not been an easy decision — it’s wrenching for me, it’s been my entire life.”

Mr. de Montebello said he felt good about the timing of his retirement and considered 2007 a hallmark year. Indeed, last year he oversaw the opening of nine new or renovated galleries, while the museum also presented some 21 exhibitions, including “The Age of Rembrandt,” which attracted 505,082 visitors.