el MAC dando fuete...leer en Rotund

y este es heavy..finalmente vemos a Ramon Valle. Alguién lo conoce o lo ha visto alguna vez en las exposiciones por ahi? Nope:

"For over two decades—and counting—Miyuca has overseen an institution which appears to limp, wheeze, and groan from year to year, depending on the will of the island government for its operating budget—pegged by law in 1994 at $500,000 a year—and the largesse of artists—not exactly the most well-fed among us—to build its collection. Some would say that a museum that relies on artist donations is as much as begging for second-rate holdings, to put it mildly. Miyuca and her board of directors are not among the poo-pooers, however, estimating the worth of MAC’s collection at a whopping—and fantastic by any measure—$8 million. Well, could be. We happen to publish a prosperous, influential web magazine that is easily worth $10 million. Just ask us."

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