Miyuca vs Director del MAC Chicago

Fitzpatrick se retira y Miyuca sigue pega a su silla

Al empezar en el '98 Fitzpatrick prometió ser director del Museum of Contemporary Art de la ciudad de Chicago por solo 10 años y cumplió.

No necesitamos directores vitalicios en la islita. Dudo que el reinado de Miyuca halla sido más difícil que el de Fitzpatrick.

La noticia:

Robert Fitzpatrick, director and CEO of the Museum of Contemporary Art since 1998, has become international managing director of Haunch of Venison, a 6-year-old gallery for contemporary art with spaces in London, Zurich and Berlin.

On arriving at the MCA, Fitzpatrick said he would not stay in the position for more than a decade, and true to his word, in 2007 he announced he would leave the museum this year. His last day at the MCA was Wednesday.

Fitzpatrick, 67, now will be based in New York, where part of his new role is to oversee the fall opening of a 20,000-square-foot branch of the gallery at Rockefeller Center. Founded in 2002 by Harry Blain and Graham Southern, Haunch of Venison was acquired early last year by Christie's International. The gallery represents such artists as Pedro Cabrita Reis, Richard Long, Jorge Pardo and filmmaker Wim Wenders.