María Celeste Arraras y su cabeza llena de aire en Rotund

"We try to be the live-and-let-live kind, especially when it comes to artworld spats, tantrums, bouts of paranoia, internecine shit-flingings, red-faced, bug-eyed spittle-fests, pissant stampings, hysterical finger-pointing, and other hissy fits, but someone must have really crossed the line to ruffle the always well-preened feathers of Javier Martínez, the astute, carefully understated blog-jockey over at autogiro.

Martínez took pronounced umbrage here at the much-discussed move by el Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico (MAPR) to invite a television variety-show bombshell-poseur into its inner sanctum, to sell the museum to the tourist trade. Actually, to say “much-discussed” does not begin to describe the holding of noses, cries of disbelief, and barfing sounds that accompanied the announcement that catástrofe-y-disastre-loving María Celeste Arrarás (“Goat born with two heads in Aibonito!” “Comerío mother of ten crushed by toppling armoire!”) had created a segment on the museum for a program she hosts called “Great Taste,” which will be aired by the Travel Channel one of these days as part of a tour of la Isla del Encanto."